The e-cigarette and passive smoking Part2

The case is always the same, sounding in the ears of cigarettes opponents also quite reasonable. They wanted to keep the people in the vicinity of someone who smokes not to inhale the combustion products of cigarette passive. Numerous studies, collected by the site indicate is a lot more harmful than directly inhaled solids, since these flow through a filter before to be inhaled by those who smoke.

Especially in small, poorly ventilated areas, as there are just bars and cafes, then came the smoking ban in force. But what about for now with the vapor of eZigarette?

Should this be banned in enclosed spaces? To check this, one should look at the products of evaporation even closer. This in contrast to cigarette are no products 12000, of which much more than 100 toxic and Carcinogenic are.

The E-Cigarette and Passive Smoking

Even now , 10 years after its invention, the e- cigarette is a bestseller. More and more former cigarette smokers are switching to a healthier option of Glimmstängels and now steaming instead of smoking . With the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes variant, the voices of the opponents of this new electric cigarette are getting louder. When it comes after them , one should protect the people in the immediate vicinity of the consumer before the steam.

They demand that public places such as universities , buses , subways , etc. of the enjoyment of the electronic cigarette should be banned. It was not until some time ago, the smokers were displaced step by step from cafes, bars and in the end even from the beer tents of Munich’s Oktoberfest.

In addition, the particles produced in the electrical cigarette are arranged fundamentally different. Since it is not are solids, they spread very quickly in the air, thereby increasing the concentration decreases very quickly. You also go on with time even in the gas phase, thus this did not depose in the area. Without a doubt, the “passive steaming” not as harmful as passive smoking and whether a ban is actually necessary, remains questionable.

E-Cigarette in different countries

The E-Cigarette – In many places they caused a stir enthusiasm or indignation. Many do with the novel invention, what to do and can not or are difficult to judge them also. Often , the questions whether this new type of cigarette is now really less harmful than conventional tobacco products , whether and how nicotine-containing liquid must be assessed and must be assessed as natural as the protection of minors. Comparing different countries obtained very different opinions on electric cigarette substitute.

In Austria, the nicotine-containing liquids have already been relegated to the pharmacies. However, this is understandable, since they’re about nicotine replacement products , as are chewing gum and patches are. The pharmacies duty is thus entirely justified. However, there is neither in Austria nor Germany in an official statement . From the use of e- cigarettes is usually even discouraged because no long term studies exist to their use.

An investigation of the FDA showed that in some liquids traces were found of carcinogenic substances. However, the concentration of these is by far lower than would be the case in normal cigarette. This observation is carried back to the nicotine contained, which is derived from tobacco. This study, however, was later declared invalid.